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With the expansion of digital tools to preserve and disseminate our cultural heritage, the art of paleography -- deciphering old manuscripts -- is all the more indispensable. I translate and transcribe all types of Spanish language manuscripts, including academic research, family correspondence, archival texts, and cultural heritage documents.  

While engaged in Spanish literature studies at the University of Florida, I practiced under the aegis of a master Spanish paleographer and historian. I have deciphered Spanish language manuscripts ranging from the 15th through the mid-20thth centuries, and translated them upon request.

If sending photocopies, microfilm, or scans is impractical given the delicate condition of your materials, I can travel for an extra fee.

For more information, see the list to the right. Should you wish to have those or other types of Spanish material deciphered, please feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Spanish Paleography For:

  • Museums
  • University library special collections
  • Other institutional archives
  • Local, state, regional, national and international collections that preserve Hispanic cultures
  • Genealogical or family archives