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In today’s environment of widespread globalization, you, your colleagues and clients may need English translations of Spanish. Accuracy is needed in contracts, advertising and permit applications. Nuanced phrasing may also be critical in literary and historical texts.

You may have read English translations from the Spanish that are missing something. This often happens when the target language, English, is not the translator’s native, or source language. Of course, computer programs miss the context of written materials, and you do not want to confuse the reader as to their intended expression.

In contrast, I offer translations that maintain the meaning and tone of your originals, for I combine a deep understanding of Spanish and its many cultural perspectives with the accuracy and clarity of my native English.

For information on some of the formats I translate, please consult the list to the right. However, these are only examples, so please feel free to contact me regarding others as well. I look forward to your inquiry.

Spanish to English
Translation Services:

  • Web content
  • Proposals and contracts
  • Museum and archival materials
  • Conference papers and journal articles*
  • Doctoral and master's dissertations*
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Literature, fiction and nonfiction
  • Press releases
  • Online presentations
  • Film subtitles
  • Genealogical and family correspondence
  • Business correspondence
  • Resumes and job applications
  • Instructions, menus and guidebooks

    * If under professor's supervision,
       with his or her permission only