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The Artful Wordsmith | Crystal Clear Communications

In the studio of The Artful Wordsmith: Crystal Clear Communications, all of my services are founded in the art and craft of the written word. My early love of language was polished by decades of writing and editing under a variety of circumstances. As a result, I have earned scholarships, grants, professional positions, and the opportunity to help others to achieve their writing goals.

Whatever your needs in written English, I will focus my expertise to communicate the nuances you intend, persuasively make your point, promote your products and services, succinctly explain a process, and/or provide clear instructions. Whether one on the list of examples applies to your goals, or you have others in mind, I look forward to your inquiry to discuss your objectives and help bring them to fruition.   

Content Writing, Copywriting:

  • Web content
  • Advertising copy
  • Press releases
  • Correspondence
  • Slide and photo captions
    (digital or print)
  • Film subtitles
  • Fiction and nonfiction
  • Poetry and toasts for special occasions